How to use Euro 5 Pass Thru

It is really important that the voltage supply does not drop below 12 volts during the entire process. Some operations might start power consuming components such as fans, pumps etc. which causes the voltage to drop. To ensure that the voltage is correct it is recommended to use a high power battery charger with voltage surveillance. If the voltage drops the software download might fail and in worst case the ECU might be damaged.

To become familiar with Euro 5 Pass Thru we recommend that You start with one brand and a vehicle that You have good access to, before downloading to a customer vehicle. Take your time and follow the instructions on the vehicle manufacturer web portals. If you have questions how to move on, call the vehicle manufacturers support line. Information and support number is found on the web portal.

Euro 5 Pass Thru requires a computer with internet connection and the operator should have experience in working with computers and the internet.

When you offer this service to your clients there are a few things you should be aware of and in some cases inform the customer. Software download is a service that cannot be reversed. When new software has been downloaded into a vehicle, there is no way to get the previous software back. It is possible that a software download can change the driving characteristics. Engine idle might rise or reduce, gear shifting in an automatic gearbox may behave differently. This is not frequently the case, but it is important to inform the customer before taking action.

The time to perform a software download varies for different brands and models. In some cases the entire software in the ECU is exchanged and in some multiple ECUs are updated, in sequence or simultaneously. The average time for a software download is 20 minutes, but the fastest is less than a minute and it might take many hours to perform a software download.

Software download might fail due to faults in the wiring harness or faults in the ECU. Other cause can be voltage drop during download. If the download fails, restart and make sure the preconditions are fulfilled and that all instructions are followed. If this does not help, contact the vehicle manufacturer support for Euro 5 Pass Thru programming.